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Soul Shoots.


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Seattle Styled Shoot

Time to unlock a new creative potential.

Mastering a perfect portfolio. 

Soul shoots by Bethany Bloem was created out of love for the industry, love for the creative community and love for perfect aesthetic. As a wedding professional I found myself wanting more of my dream clients, but I didn't have the portfolio to back it up. These styled shoots are organized perfectly so that you can build your ideal portfolio and get leads from your dream clients rolling in. I designed these shoots for photographers and wanted to go about it differently than most styled shoots. Instead of huge groups of photographers shooting at once I have groups of 5 photographers at a time to allow safe distance and one on one time with the model. Each group gets one full hour of shooting time and will have the opportunity to ask me anything you want to know about the industry, building a website, advertising and more. Community is more important than competition and I want to help you all thrive!

Meet The Host

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Hi! I'm Bethany Bloem. I am a wedding and portrait photographer from Mount Hood, Oregon. I have worked in the photo industry for nearly a decade and have shot weddings for the last five years. I am extremely passionate about creating a thriving community of artists who can grow together with mutual respect, understanding and help from their neighbors. I am here to be your support system, your mentor and your friend. 

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Tickets are available now! There are 15 spots available on a first come first serve basis. The ticket price is $150 for photographers and goes towards paying for our lovely vendors who make this all possible. If you miss the window for the next shoot I will add you to the list for the following shoot. 



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Seattle Styled Shoot
Seattle Styled Shoot
Seattle Styled Shoot
Seattle Styled Shoot